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Air curtain units from TTL - the established brand with more than 45 years of experience, has restructured itself in 2016 and since then, with an unchanged product portfolio, has been operating under the same logo with the new name TTL Torluftschleier GmbH.

The upheaval at TTL was far-reaching, not only restructuring at the location in Winterbach, Swabia, but also reorganizing the field service.

Especially important for you: Your contact persons remain the same as before. The Winterbach location is the centre of competence and remains the heart of the company - with sales, development and administration. Service has been expanded and intensified. Production is now in Germany and continues to guarantee the usual high quality of our products.

Now we can look back on successful business years under the new name, in which the entire team has achieved a great deal. We would like to thank all our customers who have supported these far-reaching changes and who will continue to have a reliable partner at their side in TTL.

We are committed to "Made in Germany", in that TTL develops and manufactures all-inclusive products that are geared to a high degree of customer requirements.
We continue to see ourselves as a leading air curtain manufacturer, not only because of our comprehensive know-how acquired over many years of practical experience, but also and above all in the planning and consulting of our customers and the application of air curtain technology to a wide variety of applications.

EC technology as a modern Basis

as at 2020

As a leading company in the production and sale of air curtain systems, TTL offers mature and energy-optimised technologies for a more efficient design of the entire building air conditioning system.

Since the first stage of the ErP Directive 2015 came into force, TTL has been offering its customers air curtains with the latest EC technology. In the meantime, the entire product portfolio has been converted to this new, innovative and energy-saving motor technology, which can be processed and automated much more cost-effectively.

If necessary, our field staff will advise you on your custom solution. We guarantee a high degree of flexibility from the customer enquiry to delivery and rapid implementation through project planning, design and production.
Our employees are at your side with technical advice and on-site appointments. No date is at too short-notice and no distance too far for us. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Control and regulation in step with the times

as at 2020

TTL is focusing on the increased use of control solutions in connection with the consistent use of EC motor technology. To this end, new controllers have been added to our product range, and a modern control option via mobile phone and WLAN is currently being implemented. The standard straightforward controllers available on the market seldom work in line with actual conditions. Anyone who does not seek expert advice here is giving away valuable opportunities for optimum shielding and energy-optimised operation.

In addition to the connection to BMS/GLT systems via standard signals and coupling to ModBus networks, TTL offers autonomous solutions for an operations regulated by indoor and outdoor temperatures. Air curtain systems then also run in small networks, always adapted and relieve the staff from monitoring tasks.

There is now also an automatic switching controller for appliances with electric heaters, which controls the heating stages of the electric heater - and these are usually already consumption-relevant sizes - according to user-specific specifications either according to the actually existing intake temperature and/or the continuously adjustable air output.


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